Use Cases

Voice of a customer

An all-in-one customer relations platform to collect, analyse and manage customer satisfacion throughout the customer lifecycle through standardized indicators and qualitative feedbacks.


A performance management platform to optimize the positioning rate of external suppliers on consulting marketplaces.


An invoice-to-payment reconciliation platform between big accounts and external suppliers for consulting marketplaces.


A data management platform to centralize and distribute applications to a French conglomerate of Engineering Schools through the public platform Parcoursup.

Virtual Showroom

A digital experience to immerse potential customers into the Maserati brands and compensate for the lack of physical events during the pandemic. In collaboration with Novelab.

MSD & Me

A custom CRM platform that handles all aspects of the relation between MSD representatives and healthcare professionals from contracts and transparency filings to events, ad boards, documentation requests, expenses validation and payments.

Réseau SCET

A professional social network dedicated to local public authorities and innovating companies to accelerate economic development through digital innovation.

LittleBIG Connection

The first platform specialized in Engineering and IT consulting services directly connecting buyers and experts around the world.

Comuniti Groups

A secured social network and collaboration platform dedicated to health professionals in public hospitals.


A corporate social network to boost collaboration potential and fosters esprit de corps for an international consulting group spraying 5 continents and 65 countries.

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