Voice of a customer

An all-in-one customer relations platform to collect, analyse and manage customer satisfacion throughout the customer lifecycle through standardized indicators and qualitative feedbacks.

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Project challenge

Sodexo Pass France wanted to get a bird’s eye view of customer satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle to identify steps where efforts should be focused. They wanted to be able to collect this data through different channels sucha as emails, text message and push notifications, and they wanted to be able to analyse it and act on it in one single place. Their aim was to improve overall customer experience by developing an analytical view into perceived customer satisfaction through standardised indicators such as CSAT, NPS and NES as well as custom strategic metrics and qualitative insght They wanted to be able to track, analyse and report these indicators to top management but they also wanted these insights to be actionable at the proximity management level.

Our solution

With the Voice of a customer platform, we allowed Sodexo to manage customer satisfaction in order to maximize retention in a context of strong competition. Moreover, through the systematic collection of feedbacks accross all dimensions of the business cycle, Sodexo managed to implement data-driven strategies when it came to identify areas of improvement for each of Sodexo’s stakeholders (companies, beneficiaries, employees, restaurants). The platform allowed top management to get a see-through view of its operations by following both standardised and custom indicators. This in turn ensured a better alignement of customer operations with strategic goals of the company. The alerting and drill down capabilities built inside the platform enabled Sodexo to increase accountability at the team level and enabled managers to reward top performers based on hard evidence rather than personal preferences and improve overall fairness and objectiveness of incentive plans.

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