A data management platform to centralize and distribute applications to a French conglomerate of Engineering Schools through the public platform Parcoursup.

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Project challenge

In the interest of efficiency and to facilitate the day-to-day work of the people in charge of human resources, INP wanted to develop a new application management and selection platform for future students. The main challenge was to improve the existing system: aging and complex tools that did not allow us to work smoothly while using Parcoursup data. We also had to propose a platform that would allow reliable and secure sharing of the data generated.

Our solution

The platform we have developed is available to different types of users, so it has been thought and designed accordingly, to be easy to use. It allows a complete management of the interview cycle and the connection with the juries. It also offers a global follow-up of the candidates with a classification according to key indicators and proposes individual files by profiles with the presentation of the report cards and the letters of motivation. In order to lighten the administrative management, a document area has been integrated and a data and statistics archive has been provided to optimize the process in the long term.

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