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A custom CRM platform that handles all aspects of the relation between MSD representatives and healthcare professionals from contracts and transparency filings to events, ad boards, documentation requests, expenses validation and payments.

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Project challenge

We have been working with MSD since 2013 to help them digitalize their relations with healthcare professionals and centralize all HCPs data in one place. For marketing purposes, MSD wanted to have an up-to-date records of all HCPs within its ecosystem and manage contruactualization and regulatory filings in the same place to avoid legal risks and diminish operational burden. For auditability purposes linked to the transparency imperative of the Health sector, MSD wanted to be able to manage in one single place all aspects of their relations to any HCPs with an unfalsifiable track record. For efficiency purpose, MSD wanted to streamline the organisation of events from budgeting, coordination and booking to payments and invoice reconciliation after the fact to be able to reconcile such events with HCPs data.

Our solution

The platform we have created is based on the Seven Circles proprietary technological framework to bolster performance and usability, it works off of a MongoDB database with and Elastics Search cluster that allows for quick search capabilities. The platform integrated Seven Circles proprietary audit trail module allowing for admins to oversee all the activity on the platform at all time and at all entity levels. Data validation, custom monitoring and alerting capabilities were added to the module to isolate specific factors of risks in data handling unique to the pharmaceutical sector. The platform integrates a congress organization module that allows for MSD representatives to manage the whole process from within the platofrm. This module walks the user through all steps of event planning before and after the fact. It includes budget creation and validation, participants enrollments and invites, events organisation and invoicing, expenses reconciliation and payment. This modules is interfaced with both internal IT systems of MSD such as it’s own CRM (Veeva) and external providers (Amercian Express).

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