An invoice-to-payment reconciliation platform between big accounts and external suppliers for consulting marketplaces.

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Project challenge

In order to improve the efficiency and the management of payments, LittleBIG Connection wanted to develop a customized platform. The objective of the platform is to help LBC to pay the right supplier at the right time according to the payment received and to easily follow the life cycle of an invoice. One of the main challenges was to understand the financial flows and the specific cases of the accounting team to allow them to stop working on excel files that are not very accurate and generate invoicing errors.

Our solution

In order to meet the customer’s needs, we have created a specific workflow allowing:
  • reconciliation and visualization of customer and supplier invoices
  • reconciliation of payments with invoices
  • sending payments to suppliers
  • processing and support of payment center users in an end-to-end process, from invoice processing to reconciliation of customer payments and payment order to supplier
  • recovery (in a second step)

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External Platforms

Voice of a customer

An all-in-one customer relations platform to collect, analyse and manage customer satisfacion throughout the customer lifecycle through standardized indicators and qualitative feedbacks.

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Intermediation platforms


A performance management platform to optimize the positioning rate of external suppliers on consulting marketplaces.

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Internal platforms


A data management platform to centralize and distribute applications to a French conglomerate of Engineering Schools through the public platform Parcoursup.

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