A corporate social network to boost collaboration potential and fosters esprit de corps for an international consulting group spraying 5 continents and 65 countries.

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Project challenge

In order to bring the group’s employees together and build a strong and united community, Mantu wanted to develop an internal corporate social network. The idea was to enable social interactions between all members of the community, regardless of their role, assignment or location in the world.

Our solution

The WeShare platform is inspired by current social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram… but on a single, responsive, user-friendly and intuitive platform. It allows each user to:
  • Publish posts
  • Interact with comments, likes, groups, etc.
  • Communicate via instant messaging
  • Create and join groups and events
  • Have access to collaborative workspaces to exchange information
All platform users can customize their feed according to their preferences and receive weekly summary newsletters to keep them informed of the latest news (personalized contact suggestions, new features on the platform, unread notifications, most engaging content of the week, etc.). Administrators have access to personalized dashboards that allow them to know, for example, the number of connected employees, the number of existing groups, the latest events created, etc. The platform is available in mobile and multilingual versions with instant translation options for 38 languages.

More projects

External Platforms

Voice of a customer

An all-in-one customer relations platform to collect, analyse and manage customer satisfacion throughout the customer lifecycle through standardized indicators and qualitative feedbacks.

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Intermediation platforms


A performance management platform to optimize the positioning rate of external suppliers on consulting marketplaces.

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Intermediation platforms


An invoice-to-payment reconciliation platform between big accounts and external suppliers for consulting marketplaces.

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