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The first platform specialized in Engineering and IT consulting services directly connecting buyers and experts around the world.

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Project challenge

Fortune 500 companies are faced with a fragmented space when it comes to consulting services. From staple consulting firms to freelancers communities, the offer has never been so plethoric and the pace of innnovation has never been faster. In order to keep up with stronger competition and faster evolving tech trends, they need to rely more extensively on outside expertise to accelerate their transformation. For big companies, the challenge is therefore to identify the right provider for each of their needs and to be able to benchmark all providers through the use of a centralized buyer’s platform. With a background in consulting, LittleBIG’s founder Julien Clouet was well aware of those challenges when he first came to Seven Circles in 2015 with no more than a big idea and a basic excel sheet.

Our solution

At first, the platform presented itself as both a SaaS solution for IT Porcurement departements to centralize the whole process of external consulting services purchasing and a marketplace for consulting services providers to find new opportunities matching their expertise. Today the LittleBIG Connection platform integrates an interface customisable according to each organization’s needs including rights management by company entity, budget and expenditure lines configuration, configurable access for each employee. The platform can be fully integrated withinn your exsiting IT ecosystem with off-the-shelf integration Coupa and all major players on the market, dedicated APIs for calls for tender, current projects and invoicing, custom fields management and SSO capabilities for secure access. The platform is accessible worldwide and is fully equipped for international currency management, VAT, languages and time zones at the entities and region level.

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External Platforms

Voice of a customer

An all-in-one customer relations platform to collect, analyse and manage customer satisfacion throughout the customer lifecycle through standardized indicators and qualitative feedbacks.

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Intermediation platforms


A performance management platform to optimize the positioning rate of external suppliers on consulting marketplaces.

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Intermediation platforms


An invoice-to-payment reconciliation platform between big accounts and external suppliers for consulting marketplaces.

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