Seven Circles is a development agency specialized in the conception and development of tailor-made platforms for companies.


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Seven Circles is a development agency specialized in the conception and development of tailor-made platforms for companies.

Companies evolve in a more and more complex environment. Digital transformation intensifies competition across sectors. It challenges the way companies deliver value to their customers and the way they operate. Seven Circles helps companies master the intrinsic complexity of their processes, ecosystems and market by designing and building custom digital platform.



1. Multiplication of complementary technical skills required to carry out a single process.
2. Interdependence of diverse functional entities within one single ecosystem.
3. Heterogeneity of a market that makes it difficult to match supply and demand efficiently.

why seven circles


Product Design

A field-tested UX/UI methodology with 32 platforms designed over the years to guarantee user adoption


Technical Core

A proprietary development framework with many off-the-shelf features to reduce time-to-market of your platform


Integration Expertise

A robust expertise in architecture and API interfacing to guarantee a seamless embedding within your existing IT ecosystem

How can we help?

01. Define

We take some time to discuss and understand project scope, client’s objectives as well as end users’ implicit needs upstream of any development effort. Through appropriate and dedicated workshops, we consolidate in written form all of the project’s requirements and make sure every stakeholders are aligned with their definition.

These initial discussions allow us to understand the specificities of our client’s business model and context, as well as map out all the functional and technical challenges that lay ahead.

02. Design

Derived from Design Thinking, our Lean UX methodology allows us to quickly obtain a tangible vision of the proposed platform in the form of a specified Minimum Viable Product and actionable mockup prototype. This “prototype fast” approach allows us to integrate numerous cycles of customer feedbacks within the design cycle, composed of three distinct phases: Reflection, Conception, Validation. This user-centric approach establishes a short feedback loop that allows us to better define user satisfaction every step of the way.

It also allows us to test experimentally how users react to different features and improvements by defining from this early stage the KPIs by which customer satisfaction will be measured.

03. Develop

Agile project management is an iterative development methodology that aims at fostering communication, constant feedbacks and adaptability to change in order to increase efficiency.

The Agile framework is iterative. It consists of a workflow of epics, user stories, backlogs, sprints and code reviews. Each sprint is built as a self-contained unit, but is informed by lessons learnt form previous sprints.

04. Test

User testing is the most effective strategy to verify the functionality and usability of our platforms. Our testing methodology is articulated in 4 phases in order to capitalise on users’ perceptions and challenge features development with actual user expectations and feedbacks: test planning, implementation, analysis, adjustments.

We partnered up with a testing platform, which allows us to have access to more than 900 testers and to cover all testing environments in record time.

05. Deploy

Our team adapts to your deployment processes and provides you with a person with dedicated skills (Devops Engineer) to act as a technical reference point for your IT department. In order to better define the deployment and validation stages specific to your IT ecosystem, we organise a dedicated deployment workshop beforehand.

06. Maintain

In order to ensure the smooth running of our platforms and their durability, we provide our clients with a range of services to ensure that our platforms meet the objectives defined with our clients as well as the test of time.

We help our clients define long-term objectives in terms of measurable performance criteria and commit ourselves to these.


Digital Strategy
Change Management

Conception Workshops
Technical Specification



Back-end Development
Front-end Development




Seven Circles and Vonage, an expert in communications infrastructures, are working together to put interactivity at the very heart of customer relations through the extensive use of enriched live video-conferencing capabilities for big events and small meetings alike.

Seven Circles’ platforms rely on Vonage’s video APIs to deliver scalable and secure infrastructure to its customers in an effort to create a virtual event experience as close to the physical one as possible.

Seven Circles and MyQM, an expert in customer experience analytics, are working together to improve customer relations by deploying a standardised platform for collecting and analysing all customers’ feedbacks at every step of the customer’s journey.

The MyCustomerFeedback platform enables the aggregation of global and invidiual results in a single place, making it a real customer satisfaction managment tool to improve both quality of service and user proximity.


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Our proprietary framework, advanced infrastructure and agile methodologies allow us to bring your custom platform to life in no time.

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