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    Seven Circles strengthens partnership with Vonage 


    Seven Circles strengthens partnership with Vonage to put “live video” at the heart of customer relations

    Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Vonage’s Communications Platform is fully programmable and allows for the integration of Video, Voice, Chat, Messaging and Verification into existing products, workflows and systems.

    Seven Circles is a digital agency specializing in the design, development and deployment of tailor-made business platforms for large organizations. The company enables its clients to master the complexity of their internal processes and their external ecosystems thanks to tailor-made platforms. Seven Circles benefits from a very particular experience in the health sector thanks to numerous projects carried out with major players in the sector.

    Seven Circles is a certified partner of Vonage and an expert in its video streaming infrastructures. With Vonage, Seven Circles can deploy platforms for its clients that put interactivity at the heart of customer relationships through the extensive use of video regardless of the context:

    • 1-to-many: with conferences bringing together multiple speakers, and thousands of listeners
    • few-to-few: with fully private conversational workgroups

    Seven Circles tailor-made platforms leverage Vonage’s Video API to deliver scalable, comprehensive and secure solutions for its customers.

    In particular, it offers them a real “digital studio” experience allowing the management of large-scale live events, and full control over the conduct of the event (from the validation of guest lists to presentation media).

    It can also integrate many features to maximize participant engagement such as the integration of chat or dynamic polls during a conference. It is also possible to automate the upstream and downstream phases of the event thanks to the functions for managing guests, invitations, and reminders (upstream) and the systematic collection of feedback by sending satisfaction surveys ( downstream).

    The success of the alliance and the satisfaction of the customers to whom these solutions have been deployed, have led Vonage and Seven Circles to deepen their partnership by working on the development of a product called V7C Live which today offers all of these off-the-shelf features in SaaS mode.

    About Vonage

    Vonage is an enterprise cloud communications provider. A global leader in its field, Vonage helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation by delivering services that make communications more flexible and intelligent. The company offers a fully programmable communications platform that enables the integration of video, voice, chat and messaging.

    About Seven Circles

    Seven Circles is a digital agency specializing in the design, development and deployment of custom platforms. It supports its clients in their digital transformation initiatives by enabling them to master their complex processes and ecosystems through platformization. Since 2013, the company has been supporting MSD in France and abroad in the creation of innovative services designed to bring value to healthcare professionals.


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