Our expertise

Here is how we can help you succeed
in your digital transformation projects

  • collaborative portals
  • workgroups
  • enterprise social network
  • customer communities
  • data visualization
  • marketplace

Create a strong digital culture

Aligning top management, culture and operational issues is the key to the success of projects led by Seven Circles. Our expertise: strategy and digital innovation, jobs-to-be-done, business analysis, design thinking, open innovation.

Make things happen

Our passionate designers and developers help you build custom web and mobile solutions: design, UX, UI, user testing, development, SEO, hosting and maintenance.

Get started quickly,
right out of the box

We have designed a technical framework with over 300 features to adapt to all kinds of projects: POC, high growth startup, SME, large group. This framework (based on a Java stack) combined with a state-of-the-art devOps infrastructure and agile technologies makes it possible to build platforms really fast.

Some of our key features

Instant messaging

Live discussions, groups, forums, Q&A

Search engines

Full-text search, facets, with the support of Elasticsearch


Visio-conferences on WebRTC, live broadcasting


Behavioral analysis
Tracking / Dashboard


Personalized newsfeed, user profiles, gamification, polls


Document Database, Wiki, Knowledge Management
Directories for people, companies, documents


Big Data analysis, machine learning, dashboards, data visualisation


Our internationalization tools facilitate the multilingual and international deployment of your project


We work with all kind of organizations: startups or big companies

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